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About Me...

My name is Charlotte, I'm a twenty-something ordinary girl, with great ambitions. I speak my mind, I mix my words, I'm clumsy, crazy, up and down. I often question the hand that life has dealt. I daydream and over-analyse. I am my own worst critic. I love the outdoors and the beauty that is found within it. The world amazes me, science and nature is a truly fascinating thing. I love reading and writing. I find writing incredibly therapeutic. I think that it is important that each and every one of us is able to find that one thing that allows ourselves to find our inner peace. Someday, I hope that we will all find serendipity.

Contact me...

Im always looking for any paid or unpaid freelance work. My particular areas of interest are review writing and opinion pieces.

So, if you would like to contact me regarding freelancing or just have any comments/suggestions about my blog, please do so here

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